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Hybrid Pico Jet


Hybrid Pico Jet

HAO2 (High-Air-O2-Delivery System)


Solution delivery system through high oxygen air pressure. A wide range of skin care system that can be sprayed into the skin with low particle size according to the function of each ampoule..

Opening the pores of the skin with the first oxygen to the system that injects the set ampoules for full-scale management after treatment of existing skin treatment system can be used as a program.


  • AC –  It improves inflammation and skin cleansing, promotes skin regeneration, and calms skin irritation.


  • Vita – It helps to improve the skin’s vitality and softness by applying nutrients to the skin to promote the balance of skin level and the vitality of skin cell respiration.


  • Lifting – Promotes collagen production, cell regeneration, skin moisture, wrinkle improvement.

It was necessary to take the pain of skin damage and bleeding caused by conventional laser equipment or needles, but Hybrid Pico jet delivers deep into the skin with non-invasive technology and guarantees continuous effects with products for all skin types.. The combination of 75 ~ 90% purified oxygen and low unit size particles maximizes skin absorption without damaging the skin.

– No pain caused by needles and without damage to the skin to the dermis deliver the solution.

–  Skin texture / trouble / age customized solution for each skin condition ampoule Skin Care Effective.





26 Ağustos 2020
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