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Ultracontour NG

Ultracontour NG

Ultracontour NG, a new dual therapeutic US device for optimal results in non-invasive body shaping.


Ultracontour NG generates high intensity focused acoustic waves that are precisely localized and controlled in amplitude. It guarantees an improved degree of reliability, backed up with 15 years of experience. Self mode UMD multi-sequential ultrasounds waves have been specifically designed to directly target the fat cells and promote the lymphatic drainage of the fluids and the waste.

Totally non-invasive body contouring combined therapy based on Focus US

• Localised fat treatment system

• Thermal, mechanical, and stimulation action

• Engineering based on long term therapeutic ultrasound experience

• User friendly with great angle view touch screen

• Smarter Software Assistance to guide Physicians in real time during both treatments

• No downtime for your patients: they can resume their normal activities immediately after treatment

• Developed according to the medical norms ISO 13485 directives

• Patented and registered internationally


Ultracontour NG High Focused Ultrasound

An intuitive great angle touch screen program will guide you to perform the protocol. The focal transducer is used to treat the abdomen, legs and arms hence thereby optimizing the thermal and mechanical effects of the ultrasound.


Ultracontour NG smart UMD

The automatic program, piloted by dedicated software runs sequential chains of transducers. This part of treatment uniquely stimulates the targeted area of fat cells in order boost the elimination through the lymphatic system.


Why use a focused – therapy combination

The first phase of the treatment is designed to mechanically and thermally act on the adipocytes at various focal depths to perform real fat exfoliation. Each area receives focused ultrasounds at the optimal depth. The second phase is designed to achieve elimination of the adipose cells by using ultrasound massage to boost the body’s lymphatic drainage mechanism and assist in the elimination of the waste released from the cells through the lymphatic system.




27 Ağustos 2020
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